REMOWA project


1. Evidence-based learning outcomes on remote working management skills for HR & relevant professionals

The objective of this output is to enable HR and other professionals to acquire the knowledge and skills required to be able to manage a remote workforce.

2. Curriculum structure (syllabus), learning & assessment materials, a serious game, and a trainer handbook with VET integration guidelines

This output will develop a modular curriculum structure (syllabus) that can be used by VET providers and employers for training HR and relevant professionals in remote working methods, techniques, and practical applications. Additionally, this output includes the creation of a pool of pedagogical resources including a serious game with branching scenarios, educational instructions, learning and assessment materials, designed to support the delivery of the REMOWA curriculum in formal VET provision and non-formal learning settings for HR & relevant professionals.

3. Creation of pedagogical materials as Open Educational Resources (OERs)

The main purpose is to enable HR professionals to acquire specific skills along for managing effectively a remote workforce, with key transversal competences (e.g. remote communication with clients and external vendors) through a combination of pedagogical resources that will help them keep up with the latest labour market needs in the field, and enhance their employability and salary expectations.